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Message from our 1st XI Captain 

Dear Laburnum Players and Members, 

I am pleased to welcome you to the new 2023/24 cricket season at Laburnum Cricket Club. 

I hope this communication finds you well and in good health. For our winter cricketers, the season and the game probably feel like it never left and I hope you are still looking forward to the summer season as much as the rest of us who haven’t touched the beloved leather for quite some time. It has never been a more exciting time to be coming into a season with plenty to look forward to at the club. The past 28 years that I have been at the club have had their challenges and opportunities for growth and the position we find ourselves in today and looking forward to this season is one that should be envied by most of the clubs in our association.  

Player numbers at the club have never been higher and the elevation of quite a few juniors into the senior teams last year was a really exciting time that has left the potential for an unprecedented 5th XI. Our junior programs and teams continue to grow and flourish and there are numerous people that our club is indebted to for their assistance both for the upcoming season and for the past seasons. 

Kane has headed up a group that has been working really hard on our new uniform and partnership with TNF Cricket and we should be seeing some new uniforms coming to Laburnum for the start of the season which I know will be a highlight for some, especially with some other merchandise like beanie’s and hoodies coming. 

The club has also been lucky enough to be a select club partner with Century Cricket Centre and this will be the host facility of our preseason training starting on Thursday, August 3rd from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Please see the schedule attached.  Along with this will also be the utilisation of Century Cricket Coaching who will be assisting with our Junior programs this coming season, more information can be found on our recent post across our social media platforms. This will obviously be in addition to our fantastic senior coaches, Brendan McArdle and Daniel Mission who are returning for the season. We would like to thank Oliver Jenkins for his coaching commitment over the past couple of seasons, Ollie will be returning to district cricket at Dandenong this season, we wish him the best of luck and hope to still have him involved in some capacity.

Another off-field focus has been our club's partnership with Leading Teams. Ellie Pietsch along with quite a few of our players have helped identify and establish a culture at Laburnum that will hopefully start to feed throughout our club. It’s not just a culture that is focused solely on winning games of cricket but has a wider focus on establishing a club that is supportive of its members and the community, a club that acts on what we say we will do, we take responsibility, and we enter into tough conversations for the benefit of our club and its people. You will start to see these posters throughout the clubrooms and I hope that it starts to become commonplace in our actions on the field and off it. 

So as you can see, it has never been a better time to be wearing the Labs colours, please start building the buzz amongst your teammates and bring a mate down to pre-season, we know there is no better place to be than Kalang in the summertime! 

I look forward to the exciting season ahead and seeing you all for pre-season in a few weeks. 


Go Labs!!


Ross Theunissen 

1st XI Captain



See our Preseason Schedule below

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 Fixtures & Results


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